Discover our sponsorship program

    Discover our sponsorship program


    Discover our sponsorship program

    Discover our sponsorship program



RocketMail is an efficient and affordable marketing platform for professionals, enabling brands to create targeted B2B & B2C emails. RocketMail allows professionals to create targeted B2B & B2C emails for professionals. RocketMail is an online user-friendly platform and is available on an unlimited Freemium plan. Any user of RocketMail can change his plan whenever he needs to.

RocketMail is different from its competitors by its proximity and availability. Located in Luxemburg, the team is available via tchat and email to support any customer who needs help from creating his emailing campaign, to analyze his statistics.

RocketMail offers a large rank of features to ensure successful marketing campaigns: responsive user-friendly editor to write and design emails, few GIFS and pictures’ bank are also available, landing pages and statistics and forms, A/B testing, advanced statistics… RocketMail’s sponsorship program gives you many advantages, such as:

  • For any sponsored subscription, the sponsor will get a commission of 20% of the plan chosen as long as the paying plan remains
  • Any entrepreneur who subscribed with a sponsored code will also benefit from the sponsorship program and will get 4 RocketStars to be converted in email credits
  • RocketMail’s website and SaaS platform have been specifically created to increase and optimize conversions, thanks to many call-to-actions buttons and an optimized conversion funnel
  • RocketMail is a simple-to-use direct marketing solution, affordable for any entrepreneur or company. The App and its website are available in English and French.

If you have any questions regarding our sponsorship program, feel free to reach the team: customercare[@]rocketmail.lu

How does it work ?

  • Sponsor companies

    Sponsor companies

    Sponsor any company who needs an emailing service directly with your Sponsor Code available in your account RocketMail!.
  • Get email credits

    Get email credits

    Benefit from being a RocketMail Sponsor : get email credits for you and your affiliates!
  • Generate revenues

    Generate revenues

    Thanks to our special sponsorship program, you can generate revenues when sponsoring any Premium Account with your sponsor code