RocketMail a pour objectif est de vous proposer une solution emailing des plus complètes. Elle est composée de 3 services : le diagnostic approfondi, la gestion de votre délivrabilité et un service d’email dynamique pour être à la pointe de l’emailing.

Our solution helps you to achieve your goals and improve your return on investment.


We perform an audit of a hundred of criteria. We provide a detailed report for a 360° analysis of your situation. We provide a half-day of restitution to explain the results and transmit our recommendations.


Deliverability is the expeditor’s ability to pass anti-spam filters to get to the recipient’s inbox. On average, 55% of emails end up in spam. Thanks to our solution, get a spam rate of less than 10% in less than 30 days.


Dynamic email is a new generation of emails. The recipient can interact directly into the email. The content of the email is instantly updated each time the email is opened.