Deliverability management

On average, over half of emails end up in spam[1]

[1] According to Statista, Spam: share of global email traffic 2014-2019, survey published by J. Clément on Statista December 2019, produced by Kaspersky Lab

Pyramide d'enveloppes représentant la délivrabilité moyenne.


Because of increasingly strict anti-spam filters.

With our deliverability management solution, achieve a minimum spam rate of up to 10% in less than 30 days. Our service consists of repairing and maintaining our customer's deliverability.

What is deliverability?

Sent emails go either to the inbox or spam depending on their ability to pass anti-spam filters. The expeditor’s deliverability is the ability to pass anti-spam filters.

Diagram explaining the concept of deliverability.

RocketMail repairs your deliverability in less than 30 days.

La délivrabilité s'améliore grâce à RocketMail.

We repair and maintain optimal deliverability over time through:

  • A series of technical means,
  • Personalized support,
  • Continuous monitoring of key factors and e-reputation.

We provide a sending platform.

Our sending platform allows to create, send and manage emailing campaigns and transactional emails.

Our intuitive sending platform, in a few words:

  • Editor to generate responsive emails, which are optimized for deliverability
  • A/B testing
  • Monitoring of sent emails and deliverability
  • Relevant KPIs and e-reputation monitoring
  • Dedicated sending server
  • Multi-users


  • Durable repair of your deliverability in less than 30 days
  • Less than 10% spam rate
  • A solution available 24/7
  • A carbon neutral service