What formats are accepted?

RocketMail accepts .csv and .xls (Excel) formats.

How can I ad corrections on my list?

You can correct or update your list anytime you want to. Click on « Contacts » and again click on the list you wish to modify. Then, you can update or add information on every contact : double click on the contact to do so. You can also delete a contact from your list by clicking on the little bin located at the end-line of the contact.

Does RocketMail sell listings /databases ?

RocketMail doesn’t sell any data or listing, as it is forbidden by GDPR law.

Why are some of my recipients not appearing on my listing?

When you import your list, RocketMail checks in every email address to make sure everything is correctly written, and that your list doesn’t have doubles. Also, when you send your emailing campaign, RocketMail automatically deletes the fake or unknown email addresses as communicated by the external servers. This way, the next emailing campaigns will have less « hard bounced » and your reputation will be preserved, as well as the content of your lis twill be updated and well-informed. However, we strongly recommend to import and updated and clean informed listing so that your statistics would be better from the first emailing campaign you send with RocketMail!