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How to integrate storytelling in your email marketing strategy ?

Ideally, the email marketing strategy is built to establish a long-term relationship with your customers. But storytelling allows the customer to enter your world, to identify with it. What is storytelling? Storytelling literally means "telling stories". This marketing method directly addresses the emotions and therefore allows you to create a link, an affect with your audience. Your customers will better retain your brand through a story.

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What is email deliverability?

According to one study, 55% of emails sent end up in the spam folder. During an emailing campaign the spamming of several emails can ruin hours of work, as well as your return on investment.

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How to make the most of colors in your emails?

In all the steps of creation of a website, an email or a poster, colours are an important decision. It’s not the text that attracts the first glance but the colours and shapes. So what is the symbolism of colours in marketing?

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