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CRM benchmark delivrabilité

Outstanding! 5 CRM deliverability screened through anti-spam

NB: This article is the result of an independent study. We are not affiliated with any CRM publisher. The digital revolution that we are currently experiencing has considerably shaken up the codes of customer relations. This new relationship has brought to light a tool that has become essential for companies: CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

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Gamification in emailing

The personalization of an email marketing allows you to increase the engagement, clicks and conversions of your customers or prospects. A personalized content in an email allows you to build a real strategy to maintain a long term relationship with your customers.

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What are the key indicators for a successful emailing campaign 

There are many KPIs in emailing: opening rate, bounce rate, click rate, but what are they used for? Where do you stand compared to the average? This article will analyse and dissect the 5 key indicators that you need to follow to improve your deliverability: opening, bounce, click, spam and unsubscribe rates.

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