Don't let your valued communications end up in spam

We help our customers to get a spam rate of less than 10%.

We repair then maintain the deliverability and provide our sending platform for emailing campaigns.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: make sure your communications don't end up in spam.

We have realized that most companies encounter a high rate of spam when sending emails. Whether they are large multinationals or SMEs, the time and money invested in email campaigns/transactional emails are not optimized. Too many emails end up in spam.

On average, over half of emails end up in spam[1]

[1] According to Statista, Spam: share of global email traffic 2014-2019, survey published by J. Clément on Statista December 2019, produced by Kaspersky Lab


RocketMail helps you with all the critical steps of sending emails (transactional emails and campaigns, etc.), carbon neutral and at the cutting edge of technology.

The added value of our service is that we offer a turnkey solution, which is the result of 10 years of experience in emailing.

Que proposons-nous ? Une réparation de votre deliverability en moins de 30 jours et notre plateforme d’envoi de campagnes emailing.

What is deliverability?

Sent emails go either to the inbox or spam depending on their ability to pass anti-spam filters. The expeditor’s deliverability is the ability to pass anti-spam filters.

The diagram below will allow you to better visualize the definition of deliverability:

Schéma expliquant le concept de délivrabilité.

We also offer assistance, follow-up and support.

Why? To offer you a competitive advantage to tackle a widespread problem.

Our solution has a positive impact on the return on investment, the user experience, your employee skills, your brand image and service to your customers. Finally, we put at your disposal a customized platform that will serve both as a monitoring for your deliverability and creation and management of your emails (emailing campaigns and transactional emails).


As a first step, we perform an audit of your email sending device. We map your email flows and carry out a study of your key indicators as well as your e-reputation.


Following the diagnostic, our deliverability management service intervenes. With our solution, get a spam rate of less than 10% in less than 30 days.


When the majority of your emails reach your recipients' inboxes, we offer you the possibility to send next generation, dynamic and interactive emails.


In order to have a quick diagnostic of your deliverability, we offer a free online diagnostic.
We test 5 key indicators on which your deliverability is based.